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At Mind Mantras we partner with Industry Experts, Senior Human Resource Professionals and Seasoned Recruitment Consultants to empower the young professionals with skills that last a lifetime! They learn how to not just seize their dream job but also climb the corporate ladder.

"Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity." - Oprah Winfrey

What's New!

Design A Winning Job Search Strategy:

This three day One-On-One Coaching program imbibes the GROW Model- Goal, Reality Check, Obstacles and Way forward. 

Day 1: (2 Hours)    
Identify Career Objectives and Goal.
Prepare action plan.
Map strengths, analyze gaps, re-align approach and start foundation work on resume and personal branding.

Day 2: (2 Hours)      
Discuss roles you are interested in and companies that offer the same.
Customize resume. Identify resources.
Create a strategy to get to that job.

Day 3: (2 Hours)
Address Self Image and Personal Branding.
Prepare an Interview approach. Mock Practice Session.
Identify holistic areas of improvement and prepare final action plan that gets you to the Job.

The Students Speak...

"Snehal's detailed discussion on minutest of sections helped us in enhancing our readiness for a launchpad to our corporate career. Mock sessions have been very insightful and helpful." - Second Year MBA, Pune University ( PUMBA)

"Snehal's creative thinking, expertise, positive can-do attitude and drive as a professional made it an absolute pleasure to train under her. Her strengths in staying across issues, pro-actively offering solutions and ideas and being adept at all aspects of communication make her a valuable contributor to any situations or problems." - First Year MBA Student, Pune University.

We Offer Programs that are targeted to achieve a  holistic development of the individual. Some of programs include:

  • Build your own Job Search Strategy- How to tap into the 25% visible Job Market and Explore the 75% Hidden Job Market.
  • Discover your Passion- A journey of introspection. Identify Strengths , build requisite skills and prepare an action plan to achieve your goals.
  • Basic of Job Search - Resume Writing, Group Discussion Techniques, Interview Skills.
  • Raise your PQ- Personality Quotient - Grooming, Power Dressing, Making a Powerful First Impression, Body Language that gets you noticed.
  • Written Communication Skills- Learn how to write effective emails, create your online brand,  Case Study Analysis.
  • Presentation Skills- Impress an audience.
  • English Language Clinic - Improve the way you speak English at your workplace in 30 hours.

"When I look out there the possibilities are endless. The only reason we hold back is because we think there will be just one more chance. As time disappears into the past and life goes on, those chances run out and we live with an eternal regret for holding back."

- Anonymous