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"Personal Finance" as subject, less taught in school and much needed in the real world is now being made simple for you.

Objective: To empower salaried professionals with financial intelligence that will set them on a path to financial success in a one on one session that is tailored to their specific challenges.

Week 1: Basics (2 Hr)
Key metrics to know your Current Financial Health
Know your  Money Multipliers I x C=EG
Know the Silent Wealth Eroders
Know the Biggest Money Mistakes working professionals make

Week 2: Become a Financial Pro (2 Hr)
Art of Budgeting
Art of Investing
Art of Diversification

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At Mind Mantras our Experts offer you One -On -One Coaching sessions to address your challenges in the following aspects of your life:

  • Career- Shaping your professional life. Helping you create a winning Job Search Strategy. Identifying and Honing skills that take your career to the next level. Contemplating goals, devising action plans and taking the plunge is what you do when you are with your Coach!

  • Relationships- Love and Happiness are important for everyone and a smooth relationship brings both into our lives. So if you are on shaky grounds and need a listening ear to simplify it for you, book your session today!

  • Finance- Personal finance, a subject that intimidates and confuses many. Sometimes you make wrong decisions or sometimes you just don't know what to do with your earnings. So you take an easier way out...ignore it! Time to take control of your money and simplify those number games. Our Financial Coach tells you just how to do it!

  • Health- Health is Wealth, so it's staying fit that is hard for you, then a Coach will help you identify the 'Why' and 'How' to get you on track! Make a action plan which is realistic and can make you stay the course!

  • Personal Growth- Success has a different definition for each person. So if you have found your success in one arena and want to move ahead and pursue new horizons and need a sounding board, book your session!

A successful life rests of multiple spheres of Health, Money, Career, Relationships and Personal Growth. A Life Coach helps you assess all these areas of your life, define goals, identify strengths and acknowledge challenges. They not just prepare an action plan with you but also push you to reach your desired result with constant motivation! So if you are a successful individual feeling overwhelmed with a daunting goal that will take you to the next level or just someone who wants to get out and head in a new direction, you might be in need of a listening ear, or want someone to de-clutter the mess and bring to light your path towards success, it's time you book your session with a Life Coach!

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"My one on one session guided me in identifying my strengths, I was made to feel comfortable yet I was pushed to stay on track towards my goals. It was my help desk when it came to brainstorming career decisions."

- Associate Project Director, TNS Global

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