"The session was not just informative, but exhilarating.Each one of us has taken a powerful and thoughtful approach to transformation."

- Vice Chairperson, IASAP, Pune Chapter

Our Training Methodology
We adopt interactive, experiential learning techniques which engage the participants in their personal learning process.

Each Training Capsule constitutes three main components:

  • Energizer/ Activity/ Video/Audio - Each module will start with one of the given, to draw the participant’s attention to the subject and ensure they actively interact.
  • Debrief -Lecture/Discussion- Debrief will initiate a discussion of the topic and will lead the participant to learn important theoretical concepts and techniques. This will be in lecture mode and supported with relevant handouts.
  • Exercise/Simulation/ Practice - The participant will implement the learning in a suitable exercise or role play. They will be given feedback on their performance with areas of improvement

Client Testimonial...

"Arjun is a professional par excellence and an expert in Sales coaching. I have had an opportunity to be coached by him at a juncture where I was setting up my first Entrepreneurial venture. It couldn't have come in at a better time!

His ability to get into your shoes, understand your business, your perspective and then help reach the desired outcomes, make him stand out as one of the finest Sales coaches I've known. His programs are practical, precise, solution driven and high impact. His transformative style of coaching will prompt you to think, challenge yourself and take action. Highly recommended, any day!"

- Managing Partner at InnoQuest Consulting.

The Three C's Mantra for Corporate Success- Communicate, Connect, Collaborate

We offer a plethora of developmental workshops.

  • Effective Business Communication
  • Corporate Etiquette and Social Finesse
  • Dilute Time and Manage Stress
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Leadership Skills for Young Managers
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills

We offer behavioral and soft skills training programs which are customized after assessing and understanding organizational training needs.

What's New!

One- On - One Business Coaching

If you are a Start-Up Company with great technical and operational acumen, but need to streamline your Sales and Business Development processes, we have an expert who does just that!

Call us to find out more!

Our Esteemed Clients Include :Cognizant Technologies Ltd. Bharat Forge Ltd. and it's subsidiaries, CIBIL, Sunguard Availability Services,Sancheti Hospital, Chavan Group of Companies,  Ruby Hall Clinic, ANA Design Studio, Rahee Clinic, Army Institute of Technology., Pune University and it's affiliated colleges.

We also partner with :InnoQuest Consulting, Potter's Earth, Infinite Myriaads Pvt. Ltd., Midas Academy, Edubridge India Pvt. Ltd., IITD, AnD HR and other training ventures.

“Careers are not built on aspirations. They are built around the portfolio of skills we have. Being able to learn new skills constantly is an important element of success in today’s world and this is not a skill most people have been used to building.”
-Abhijit Bhaduri, Chief Learning Officer, Wipro, Quoted in Economic Times.

Our Most Popular Workshop-

3 C's Mantra for Corporate Excellence.

Aimed at bringing together your team to communicate more effectively and function cohesively with a problem solving mindset. Contact us to find out more on how it can benefit your organization.

Mind Mantras

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